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Take it to the limit

Inspired by the eponymous collection of Limited Edition writing instruments, the Take it to the Limit Folding Knife collection captures elements of our favorite automobiles, the thrill of driving, and our love for the open road. 

Produced in six primary color variations, each will be limited to an aggregate production of 100 pieces.

TITTL speaks to our drivers’ “need for speed,” which was considered, along with Pedal to the Metal, as a name for this collection. However, because this collection is for our fellow fossil fuel enthusiasts, TITTL was the only appropriate name choice as this decade may be our last chance to “Take it to the Limit” in our gas-powered vehicles “one more time…”

Car fans will appreciate the gear shift image in high relief. The Guilloche dials on the cap display speedometer, tachometer, oil, engine temperature, and fuel.

The TITTL collection displays a Carbon Fiber Guilloche-engraved pattern underneath the various colors of Hot Enamel.  Embedded into the racing stripes on the barrel is a number 1. 

Hand-crafted in solid Sterling Silver, the scales of the knife are engraved, or diamond-cut in high and low relief using a centuries-old technique known as Guilloché. 

Using a mortar and pestle, a composition of glass, water and metal oxides is ground for hours by hand.  When settled, the water is removed, leaving the fine paste that is the basis for hard enamel.  A quill is then used to apply each coat of the mixture to the surface of the silver, ensuring that the entire guilloché area is completely covered in enamel.  The components are then fired in a furnace at temperatures exceeding 1,000° F, fusing the enamel to the metal and forming a layer of glass. 

After cooling, the pieces are manually ground with a diamond file, restoring their proper shape and surface.  This tedious process is repeated at length until the level of enamel reaches the depth required to cover the peaks and fill the valleys of each intricate guilloché pattern.  Each color of hot enamel requires multiple firings and a different firing temperature in the kiln. As many collection pieces feature multiple colors of enamel, many of these pieces are fired 15 to 20 times, after which each component is filed with a diamond file, re-enameled, re-fired and then filed again.

When the final stages of enameling, firing and filing are completed, each piece is polished and buffed, revealing the real glass finish of translucent hard enamel.

Production of translucent hard enamel demands the highest levels of patience, experience and skill.  A five-year apprenticeship is required to ensure that the highest levels of quality will be met in each individual Collection piece.  

The Blade on the Take it to the Limit Folding Knife is forged using Swedish Stainless (Damasteel DS93X) Damascus and a diamond is set in each side of the silver thumb stud.

Take it to the Limit Writing Instrument also Available 

The Take it to the Limit collection will be produced in eight color variations: 

Sky Blue / Carbon, Carbon / Fire Red, Fire Red / Carbon, British Racing Green / Carbon, Carbon / Carbon Monochromatic, Carbon / Carbon Multi-colored, / Retro Ivory / Midnight Blue, Liquid Coffee

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