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Family Photo of David and his kids


Since 2000, we have been creating Limited Edition Writing Instruments, corresponding Cuff Links and now Folding Knives in Sterling Silver, Guilloche (Diamond-cut Engraving) and Hot Enamel (Kiln-fired glass).

We are honored by the numerous awards the Collection has received, including multiple Best of the Best from the Robb Report, Pen of the Year and other First Place distinctions from Pen World Magazine, and People’s Choice Finalist at the Couture Show in Las Vegas.

Much in our world is electronic today, but I personally prefer talking on the phone to texting, and visiting in person to the telephone – old-fashioned, maybe, but much richer, and, in my mind, much more rewarding.

This same careful attention to detail is applied to each piece in our Collection employing the artistic mastery of Old-World Craftsmanship.

While the use of die-striking or casting can be faster and more cost-effective to produce a pattern onto precious metal, we are unwavering in our commitment to the time-honored technique of Guilloche engraving which reflects and refracts light beyond compare.

Similarly, easier and more affordable methods of covering precious metals may be achieved through the use of sprays, resins or epoxies, but we continue in the unique tradition and unparalleled skill of Hot Enamel that will last for generations. 


Thank you for making us a part of your family.


David Oscarson

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